Teeth, Sinus problems and the Zappicator

In early October 2011, my dentist had to split a molar to extract it.  The root of the 1st molar half created an opening directly into my sinus above it.  The sinus opening acted as a vacuum, sucking the second molar half up into the sinus cavity.

The Dentist explained thoroughly the potent possibilities.  I’m confident in her judgment.  “Antibiotics, freshen the packing, liquid diet and don’t apply sudden air pressure from above or below the sinus for 2-4 weeks.  3x/day mouthwash with salt and warm water, while the opening heals.”

Keep her informed and consider surgery if tooth doesn’t come out on its own.  In fact, consider starting appointments with nose and mouth surgeon now.  A ‘wait and see’ with caution was my resolve.

Within 2 weeks, the tooth cavity had somewhat haled, but antibiotics never contained the sinus infection and inflammation.  My normal breathing followed a path through the sinus from nose to mouth that encouraged the tooth half to roll about.  A putrid odor followed me, strong enough to knock a dog off a gut wagon.  My normal gut health needed help to restart, and other secondary symptoms began.  I used a neti pot, washing the sinus 4 times a day.

Next stop, facial surgery.  I am ready t-o-d-a-y.

The end of this unhealthy scenario started from reading Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases.”  And end it did.

I bought Arthur’s AutoZap 5 zapper and FreeCoil SuperZappicator October 19, 2011.  I believe the zappicator more than the zapper did the job, but now how can I prove it?  By Oct 28the the zapper and zappicator were started along with probiotics and Hulda Clark cleanse program.  Within hours, a subtle body calm signaled that my focus was changing.  I had deeper, easier breathing, and got thirsty.

Within 3 days the odour left, although its mental imprint was on high alert warning for months after.  I immediately stopped antibiotics when the odour stopped.

Within a week the nasal drip stopped and use of the neti pot was only for nasal congestion, twice a month, maybe.  I never followed up on the pending surgery appointments, and left my dentist with just “see you in 6 months for the regular cleaning.”

In 3 to 7 days, all was normal at least for me.  I was on a new path of better health.

Except, the tooth is still in my sinus.  In June 2012, 8 months later, the tooth snorted out my nose, confirmed and ID’d by the dentist.  During those 8 months, about every 3 weeks the tooth inflamed the sinus.  This triggered a thorough SuperZappicator session, which immediately (I mean now) cleared it up.  From first owning the 5 minute zapper, I have used it 5 days out of 7, and the SuperZappicator is used on specific ailing body parts 2-4 times per month.

Thank you, Dr. Clark & Arthur!



Zapper helps Indigestion & Heartburn

You may recall several months ago I emailed about my husbands severe reaction to the zapper. You both contacted me and eased the situation. Well, just want you to know my husband now zaps daily and the indigestion/”heartburn” he used to suffer from is gone. He was a bit nervous to try again as he was knocked out for 2 full days, but per your request, he started with 2 minutes and increased to 5. His body’s response proved to him that there is something to this zapper! And his health improvement convinced him of the zappers benefits. Thank you for making it and for your quick, knowledeable, and compassionate customer service.

Brain Inflammation & Blurred Vision

Good Afternoon. I am a regular user of the Autozap5 and Zappicator system. It has helped me tremendously with my brain inflammation and blurred vision. This system is AWESOME!

Since I am receiving stellar results, I am interested in selling the complete Autozap5/Zappicator system.. .  Can you send me additional information . . .
Thanks so much!


Headache-Free with Hulda Clark Zapper


Well, it’s been a year since I purchase my Zapper. I bought it because I was assuming I had parasites. Since 80% of the population does I thought it might be a good idea to use the Zapper just in case.

After using it for a few weeks I noticed one morning I had a headache. I get these headaches on the back of my head whenever the pressure drops from the weather. I usually do two sets of 5 mins. back to back. On the morning I had the headache my head felt different while I was zapping.

After my session it wasn’t 3 mins. and I noticed my headache was gone! This was incredible to me since once I get these headaches they stay with me all day and some times into the next.

I thought it was a coincidence so the next time I had a headache I tested it again. Bingo! Gone! O.k. 2 out of 2. Well, I tried a 3rd time. Again, gone! 9 out of 10 times zapping took my headache away. It’s no coincidence.

No headaches for a year now!  


Fungal Infection healing with Zapper

Hi – since I’ve been using this device in just a week, here are the things I’ve noticed change for the better:

1. My chronic folliculitis has finally disappeared! I’ve been trying to rid my body of that for almost 12 years! I’ve tried every antibiotic known to man, even vancomyacin delivered through an IV  and that didn’t work. But this device has killed it all. I can’t believe it.

2. The fungal infection on my tongue is finally healing. I’ve had that for 5 months now and tried 3 medications but nothing would kill it. Today for the first time it feels as though its burning/zapping whatever is on my tongue. When I use the zapper it feels like my tongue is one fire where the infection is. When I woke up this morning I felt like there was this coating on my tongue which I scraped off with a toothbrush. Really gross but I know that is probably the dead fungal cells that are coming up from the tongue.

3. The pain in my left arm is gone. That went away quickly actually. Only a few days of zapping and it is gone. It was where the PICC line was installed to deliver the antibiotics to kill my chronic sinus infections and folliculitis.

4. My sinuses are getting clearer. They aren’t completely clear, but the mucous is staying clear and that is a huge relief that they aren’t going to get infected. I have had soooo many problems related to my sinuses due to allergies which caused them to be full of mucuous. Then they would get infected and I would have to take strong antibiotics. Now that they are staying clear, I use a sinus rinse like Neilmed to wash them out and also a little afrin.

5. This strange skin growth on my left index finger which I’ve had for 20 years is finally healing. I had a biopsy of the skin taken and they didn’t find anything wrong with it, so I used this lotion on it but that never really helped. Now the skin is slowly healing. I can’t believe that is actually healing too! This was a surprise benefit of the device.

6. All symptoms of the flu were gone in a few days of using the device. I had just recently gotten over the flu when it arrived, and now my body is back to its original strength, although I do feel really tired when I zap during the day.

Overall I feel a sense of calm, and relaxed and at peace since using this device. I wish I could explain what this feels like but I have never felt this way in a long time.

I think what was happening was what Dr. Clark says in her book—my immune system was so worn down from parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus that it couldn’t do its job correctly. But now that the parasites are gone, its killing off the rest of my maladies.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

I ordered the zapper for my mom who had a bad stroke four years ago and will see how she responds to it and email you when I have updates on her.

Thanks for everything.

Zapper helps Sinus Infection

Hi – I just LOVE my Zapper and SuperZappicator!  

I recently had a sinus infection with sore ears, bad head aches and my chest was very tight.  I took my SuperZappicator to bed with me, every night.  I put it under my pillow and positioned my head on top of it.  

It was a great experience.  Within 10 minutes of zapping my ears, my ear aches were gone! Usually I end up very dizzy and on antibiotics for my ears!

I was so happy! The pain never came back and no dizziness!  

I also positioned my SuperZappicator on my head and sinus pain areas.  In about 10 -15 minutes my head ache was gone and my sinuses were drying up! I also laid the SuperZappicator on my chest.  Within 10 minutes my coughing had stopped and I was able to breathe in fully after 15 minutes!  I kept running it through the 30 minute cycle till I fell asleep.  I slept very well! Usually when I have this type of problem I don’t sleep at all and I feel miserable.  

Both the zapper and the SuperZappicator gave me extra energy.  I never felt sick or sluggish the whole time! 

It was the best cold ever! Strange but true!  Thanks so much!


Wonderful User Experience!

Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!

I have known of the zapper for a few years now from treatments at a naet practitioner in Colorado. However until recently it did not occur to me that I could own one in my home!?

Initially I found the blueprints to make one with wires and all that electronicy stuff….my engineering friend was drooling at the project. But so much better to find one all done! With such amazing testing and support to back it up!  Thank you for a wonderful user experience….and who needs 12 months to decide if we like it?

In one day my firstborn and I have experienced healing faster than weeks of nutrition and other methods. Can’t say enough thanks!  And may God richly bless you and yours for your faithfulness, efforts and care into this product….and may He also protect you. ~Ronda

Videos help explain the Zapper

I really like your sites and I was impressed about  the video clips that you have made. I think that it’s absolutely great to actually see the person who has built and developed this stuff. The videos are very informative, but clear and simple which is really good. For example videos really helped me understand the difference between zapper and zappicator.  It also gives a customer a sense of trust about the whole product and the company to see you personally introduce the products!

Thank you again!
RH, Finland

Zappicator helps Kidney Cysts

Hi Arthur, 

I’m so grateful you sent a replacement zapper.   Recently, an ultrasound indicated small cysts in my left kidney. So. I put the Zappicator to work and got immediate results last week!  The evidence was dark urine, evidence that the cysts broke open and then drained.I have repeated this treatment daily and saw more evidence, a few times. And, I do feel better!  Wonderful to have access to such an amazing device!

Thank you soooo much!! May God richly bless you!!

PR, Florida USA