Wonderful User Experience!

Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!

I have known of the zapper for a few years now from treatments at a naet practitioner in Colorado. However until recently it did not occur to me that I could own one in my home!?

Initially I found the blueprints to make one with wires and all that electronicy stuff….my engineering friend was drooling at the project. But so much better to find one all done! With such amazing testing and support to back it up!  Thank you for a wonderful user experience….and who needs 12 months to decide if we like it?

In one day my firstborn and I have experienced healing faster than weeks of nutrition and other methods. Can’t say enough thanks!  And may God richly bless you and yours for your faithfulness, efforts and care into this product….and may He also protect you. ~Ronda

Videos help explain the Zapper

I really like your sites and I was impressed about  the video clips that you have made. I think that it’s absolutely great to actually see the person who has built and developed this stuff. The videos are very informative, but clear and simple which is really good. For example videos really helped me understand the difference between zapper and zappicator.  It also gives a customer a sense of trust about the whole product and the company to see you personally introduce the products!

Thank you again!
RH, Finland

Zappicator helps Kidney Cysts

Hi Arthur, 

I’m so grateful you sent a replacement zapper.   Recently, an ultrasound indicated small cysts in my left kidney. So. I put the Zappicator to work and got immediate results last week!  The evidence was dark urine, evidence that the cysts broke open and then drained.I have repeated this treatment daily and saw more evidence, a few times. And, I do feel better!  Wonderful to have access to such an amazing device!

Thank you soooo much!! May God richly bless you!!

PR, Florida USA

Zapper helps Toothache Pain

I actually used your Zapper, (AutoZap 5), Arthur, on a toothache I suddenly developed earlier this year.

Verdict: Awesome.

In my case it took about three hours of continuous zapping to completely eradicate the pain. I still had to see a dentist (and he did confirm the tooth was infected) and we chose to have it pulled, but I feel like your zapper saved my life — I didn’t have pain while waiting on the dentist appointment! I can’t underline that enough, *no pain.*

Further, I decided to *immediately* zap after the tooth extraction. Literally, I had the zapper in the car at the dentist’s office, and I put it on as soon as I walked out the door after the extraction. I zapped for maybe eight hours or more that day. The result? Other than a little blood here and there (which is to be expected after a tooth extraction), I had no pain other than some occasional tingling *at all.*

When some of my relatives heard about it they nearly dropped dead. Tooth extractions hurt and for many the pain can last weeks. Because of this zapper I basically didn’t go through that.

In a more perfect world, zappers would be issued to tooth extraction candidates as a matter of routine. They basically spare you of pain before and after (although it appears they ultimately won’t spare you the trip to the dentist).

Anyway that experience alone justified every penny of my purchase, which I’d made only a few months prior.”

Name: Will
Website: crimsoncloak.com

I like your zapper. You also helped me out a few years ago with information about the tapeworm oil recipe. I hope this helps.

- Will

Auto Zap Zapper sounds Better!


I can’t wait for my zapper and zappicator to arrive.  I’ve been using the Terminator for a long time, but yours sounds much better and also, I am always having to send that one back for repair as its very easy to break a wire connection when one changes the battery and also, yours sounds much better.  I especially like the fact that the batteres just slip in versus having to connect them to a switch.
Many blessings,  AK

Zappicator helps Computer Strain

About the Super-Zappicator, I used it on myself. I had neck pain and pain in my right-hand thumb from computer usage. Tried the Super-Zappicator for 1hr x 3 times on my hand and neck, the pain seems to be relieved for now – difficult to believe but true. I am going to try that for some more time.
We really like your suggestion to try Super-Zappicator near the Liver. It makes a lot of sense from what I’ve seen with my finger, so I am going to start it slowly in next week.
I will keep you posted on the progress. Thank you again.
Regards,  BG