Systemic Candida is Gone!

Dear Mr. Arthur

I was very sick and going doctor to doctor when at age 48 in 2004.  I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  Every single medication that was prescribed to me my stomach was not able to handle it.  The side effects of the drugs were worse than my illness.

I was getting desperate with my condition and decided to look and try alternative treatments.  I did not have significant success until April of 2010 when I started detoxing my body with organic food, fresh organic juices, good quality water and organic coffee enemas.  That was when my thyroid stopped working and I discovered that all my problems were coming from my intestines.  I had Systemic Candida.

With some research I found out about Hulda Clark, the zapper and the “Best Zapper” webpage.  I bought the zapper and 2 Super Zappicators on Thanksgiving week and started using them daily.  In the morning I use the Super Zappicators:  one on my stomach and the other on my belly.  In the afternoon I use the Zapper 5 minutes on my ankles and then 5 minutes on my wrists.

Now, it is May of 2011.  The candida is gone, my energy level is going up and the pain in my body is almost gone.  I have hope that before the end of the summer I will be completely pain free!

I keep using the zapper and the Super Zappicators, eating organic food, drinking and cooking with quality water, having coffee enemas, taking a good quality of probiotics and taking some enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

I am back starting slowly at the gym and playing the Wii fit plus games at home like a child!  Finally I can take care of my house, exercise and enjoy life again!

My husband is also using the Zapper.  He does not have any serious illness, but for twice he had symptoms of cold that disappeared after using the zapper.  Before the zapper, organic food and probiotics, he used to have at least 3 colds a year!  Now he is having more energy and started doing things around the house again.

Thank you, Mr. Arthur, for providing a wonderful device that is helping me to get back to my good health.  Also, thank you very much for taking the time to answer all my questions with attention and kindness when I called you.  May God bless you and your family!

Brinson Family